History Group

The History Group at Tibenham Community Hall

What is the aim?

To build a comprehensive history of the village, including all aspects of life, to bring together the knowledge that already exists with many people, to carry out reminiscence sessions to record verbally and by video people's life experiences of the village, perhaps eventually producing a book/booklet about the village.

There is a need to collate all the information, and to build a suitable means of storing and retrieving the information in a way that is useful and easy. We are hoping that everything can be stored with the new TCH website so that it is accessible to everyone.

We already have a copy of the Tibenham archive from the Norfolk records office, and there is some information on the Tibenham website. This includes a village walk round pointing out the important buildings and sites.

But the most important issue is what you would like to do with this group, and how it progresses. We could have guest speakers, and visits to other useful sites, perhaps expand out of the village to set the village in context around the area.

The other important issue is the social side of the group. We hope that this will bring more people together and talking and sharing knowledge and experience.

We hope this opportunity can be a worthwhile and hopefully enjoyable experience for those interested. There will be a small charge per meeting to cover the Hall hire and refreshment costs. It was suggested that the group could provide some display material for future Saturday cafes to spread the word.