100 Club

Raising Funds for the Hall

The Hall runs a "100 Club", intended to help raise funds for the Hall. You are allocated a number between 1 and 100 and have the chance to win cash prizes.

The monthly prizes are currently 2 x £25, 2 x £10 and 2 x £5. In March, June, September and December each year there is a extra bonus payout of £75 for the first number drawn.

Membership costs £1 per week and is payable annually or quarterly by standing order, bank transfer or cash.

The Club is managed by Mick Lilley (call 07867 728063) who has the membership forms, which are also available at the Hall.

The Draw always takes place during a public event, normally the monthly Cafe on the last Saturday of the month, to ensure transparency. The Draws in August and December, when there is no monthly Cafe, take place during the Drop-in Coffee Morning on the last Thursday before the end of that month.

The latest winners are published below:

April 2024 Draw Results

£25 - Steph Lewis (35)

£25 - Joyce Woodward (3)

£10 - Jane Dwyer (47)

£10 - Steve Wilkinson (8)

£5 - Jane Roderick Jones (1)

£5 - Barbara Colby (31)