Trudy Thomas

Murder Mystery

Murder at The Golden Nugget Saloon



Saturday 2 April @ 7pm - Dawson's Creek

While arriving to dine at The Golden Nugget Saloon, guests found themselves involved in a dastardly murder investigation.

The owner had been strangled with a silk stocking while drunk.

The Sheriff circled the dining room questioning the characters. All loudly protested their innocence yet each had a motive to get rid, they tried to put the blame on each other, arguing amongst themselves, all the while the murky goings on in Dawson's Creek were uncovered.

Unable to leave and not to be put off their food, the strong stomached guests proceeded to devour their three course meal more and more fascinated as no stone was left unturned as each character was torn apart until the Sheriff got his man...or woman!!


Grateful thanks to all who supported by attending or donating prizes for this first Murder Mystery event held at Tibenham Community Hall. It was a great success and highlighted to guests the work of The Brain Tumour Charity alongside the energy and commitment of the new committee to bring exciting events to the area.

Heartfelt thanks

Murder Mystery Crew

Trudy Thomas (Brain Tumour Survivor)