Annual Flower, Produce and Handicraft Show

Saturday 21st of September at 10AM to 4PM

Fruit and veg for produce show

For all those competitive gardeners, cooks and crafters out there, this is your opportunity to shine!

Our annual Flower, Produce and Handicraft show offers a wide range of classes for displaying your skills with fruit and veg growing, hand baked goods, jam and wine making, knitting, crochet, embroidery and a host of other crafty endeavours!

The full list of classes will be featured in the Parish Newsletter very shortly, as well as on our Facebook page.

Doors open at 10am for dropping off your entries and will close promptly at 12 noon.

Judging takes place between 12 noon to 2pm.

Doors then open from 2 to 4pm for everyone to admire the winners and enjoy some light refreshments.

From 4pm onwards entrants can collect their wares, or donate them to the auction which takes place at the Harvest Supper later that evening.

We usually have a good number of entrants and hope that will continue for 2024.